Fundraising Program Overview

  • Flippin’ Fab will work together with you to develope a design or artwork.  A $25 design fee may be applied if it is requested that we create an orginal design.  Original designs remain the property of Flippin’ Fab and may not be reproduced.
  • We will help you select apparel and accessories to be sold as part of your fundraiser.
  • Organizations may choose up to 2 apparel colors, plus black and white.
  • We will supply an order form which may be reproduced or distributed by orginization.
  • Flippin’ Fab will set the retail prices.
  • Fundraisers are to take place over a period of up to 3 weeks.
  • Orders are to be turned in to Flippin’ Fab at the deadline.
  • Money/Orders may be collected by organizer and/or sent to Flippin’ Fab by deadline.
  • Cash and check payments are acceptable.  All checks payable to Flippin’ Fab LLC.
  • Orders will be fulfilled 2 weeks after orders are received by Flippin’ Fab.
  • Flippin’ Fab will retain original order forms.  Your organization may reproduce order forms to retain for your records.
  • Flippin’ Fab will supply the fundraising check and spreadsheet of all sales at the time of final merchandise pick up.
  • Items should be inspected at time of pick up.  All items will be considered in perfect condition unless otherwise noted by organization before leaving.
  • Optional name/number add-ons profit only Flippin’ Fab and are not part of the fundraiser.
  • All sales are final. No refunds, or exchanges.
  • Sizing samples of most items are available at the office.  Decorated samples may be purchased by organization at a 20% discount.
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